My Favourite Movies

  1. Aladdin
  2. Jumanji
  3. Spider Man Homecoming
  4. Star Wars Return Of The Jedi


Aladdin a poor street rat has a dream to live within the palace walls with his pet monkey Abu, but one day the princess decides to sneak out of the castle and meets Aladdin and they immediately fall in love, but Jafar the kings evil advisor has other plans for him to get the genies lamp and Aladdin meets the genie and they go on a magical adventure.

  • Brad Kane - Aladdin
  • Lea Salonga - Princess Jasmine
  • Robin Williams - Genie/Merchant
  • Jonathan Freeman - Jafar
  • Douglas Seale - The Sultan


Jumanji is a game that calls out to people to play it, the two people who found it were not expecting it surprises the boy gets stuck in the game and the girl runs frantically away from the board getting chased by a hoard of bats, several years later two siblings find it hidden in there new house and they roll the dice and it was like the jungle became their house.

  • Robin Williams - Alan Parrish
  • Bonnie Hunt - Sarah Wittle
  • Kirsten Dunst - Judy Shepherd
  • Bradley Pierce - Peter Shepherd
  • Jonathan Hyde - Hunter Van Pelt/Sam Parrish

Spider man Homecoming

Peter Parker (a.k.a spider man) has to balance his life between a high school student and being spider man, and there is a new super villain, the vulture that Peter has to stop, from stealing all the advanced technology like from stark industries and all the alien tech from the avengers first fight, but there is a twist peter Parker's new girlfriend's Dad is the Vulture, with the help of his friend Ned, Peter has to take down Vulture.

  • Tom Holland - Spider Man
  • Jacob Batalon - Ned
  • Michael Keaton - Vulture
  • Jon Favreau - Happy Hogan
  • Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

In the last movie of the original star wars trilogy Luke has to save his old friend Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba The Hutt and Boba Fett, After he saves him, Luke and the rest of his friends return to the rebel mother ship home one. Where they find out the whole rebel fleet getting ready to attack and they just need the shield generator down, but then Luke is distracted with something else his Father.

  • Carrie Fisher - Leia Organa
  • Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker
  • Harrison Ford - Han Solo
  • Anthony Daniels - C-3PO
  • Kenny Baker - R2-D2
  • Peter Mayhew - Chewbacca