My Favourite Superhero Movies

  1. Captain America Civil War
  2. Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice
  3. Logan
  4. Wonder Woman

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War is one of my favourite or if not my favourite MCU movie of all time. This is because they added new characters like Spider man and Black panther to the movie,Two characters I wanted to see in a marvel movie.And yes Spider man has been in a film many times but not with marvel characters like Captain America or Iron man. This is because Spider man is currently owned by Sony which made it hard to bring these characters together.In my opinion this is one of my favourite movies because its so different from other superhero movies.

  • Chris Evans - "Captain America"
  • Robert Downy Jr - "Iron Man"
  • Tom Holland - "Spider Man"
  • Scarlett Johansson - "Black Window"
  • Sebastian Stan - "Bucky"

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice is the second instalment to the DCU and is probably my favourite DC movie other than Wonder Woman. This movie has been really mixed on the reviews people saying that its terrible and others saying is great but to me the ratings don't matter to me much because its not going to change the fact that I like the movie.Batman vs Superman is a movie where Batman and Superman fight and that's great but when I was in theatres they only fight for about five minutes which was very disappointing.But other from that the movie was great.

  • Ben Affleck - "Batman"
  • Henry Cavil - "Superman"
  • Gal Gadot - "Wonder woman"
  • Jesse Eisenberg - "Lex Luthor"
  • Amy Adams - "Lois Lane"


Logan is the final wolverine movie Huge Jackman is going to be in for the 17 to 18 years he's been playing the role and its probably the best movie he was in.Logan was his best movie because of the R rated with the movie which the wolverine movie's needed for a long time. Logan Takes place where almost all mutants are pretty much gone and Logan the main character is logan is is sick from his metal bones poisoning him.Logan eventually meets Lora which is a clone of him and is trying to get her to Eden which is a safe place in Canada for mutants and that's the movie. In my opinion not my favourite movie of all time but still was a really good movie.

  • Hugh Jackman - "Logan"
  • Boyd Holbrook - "Donald Pierce"
  • Patrick Stewart - "Professor X"
  • Dafne Keen - "X-23"
  • Stephen Merchant - "Caliban"

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the forth movie in the MCU and is very good.Wonder Woman starts when the spy named Steve Trevor played by "Chris Pine" comes to the island great fighters I forgot the name of. Then he tells them that A huge war is happening around the world which is word war 1. Wonder Woman decides to help Steve Trevor stop the war and then the movie begins with jokes and fights scenes.In the end Wonder Woman was a really good movie with great fight scenes and jokes.

  • Gal Gadot - "Wonder Woman"
  • Chris Pine - "Steve Trevor"
  • Robin Wright - "Antiope"
  • Danny Huston - "General Ludendorff"
  • Elena Anaya - "Doctor Poison"