My Favourite TV Shows

  1. Grey's Anatomy
  2. Riverdale
  3. 13 Reasons Why
  4. Stranger Things

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith Grey starts at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly known as Seattle Grace) as a surgical intern, eventually becoming the chief of general surgery. Her and fellow co-surgeons struggle to balance their personal lives with their busy work schedules. They all go through many though spots, regarding safety or love, and many characters leave the show along the way. Still running, the show has 13 seasons.

  • Ellen Pompeo - "Meredith grey"
  • Patrick Dempsey - "Derek Shepherd"
  • Sandra Oh - "Cristina Yang"
  • Justin Chambers - "Alex Karev"
  • Katherine Heigl - "Izzie Stevens"


A group of high school students try to solve the mystery of the murder of Jason Blossom. While this is happening, their families are having some bumps, in work, economy, and keeping their families together. The characters are based on the comic book series "Archie", and has been renewed for a second season.

  • KJ Apa - "Archie Andrews"
  • Lili Reinhart - "Betty Cooper"
  • Camila Mendes - "Veronica Lodge"
  • Cole Sprouce - "Jughead Jones"
  • Madelaine Petsch - "Cheryl Blossom"

13 Reasons Why

Clay Jensen returns home from school one day to a box of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl who had committed suicide, and died from blood loss, two weeks before. The tapes give thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. He listens to find out how he plays in. He hears many stories about what happened in her life along the way. The Netflix original series is based off the novel "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. The series was renewed for a second season and will premiere in 2018.

  • Dylan Minnette - "Clay Jensen"
  • Katherine Langford - "Hannah Baker"
  • Christian Navarro - "Tony Padilla"
  • Alisha Boe - "Jessica Davis"
  • Justin Prentice - "Bryce Walker"

Stranger Things

When Will Byers is taken to another Dimension called "The Upside Down" by a monster, he can only communicate from the parallel universe through the lights. The town goes crazy looking for him. While Will's friends are out searching for him, they encounter Eleven. They later find out she escaped from a testing facility, where her supernatural powers were being monitored and researched. She helps them to look for him, and eventually ends up solving the mystery. The second series is renewed for a second season with 9 episodes to be released on Netflix on October 31, 2017.

  • Finn Wolfhard - "Mike Wheeler"
  • Noah Schnapp - "Will Byers"
  • Millie Bobby Brown - "Eleven"
  • Gaten Matarazzo - "Dustin Henderson"
  • Caleb McLaughlin - "Lucas Sinclair"