My Favorite Shows

  1. Steven Universe
  2. We Bare Bears
  3. Survivor
  4. Big Brother

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a 14 year old teenager that is a half-gem, half human. He lives with Gems, which are Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. Gems are magical beings with powers, able to summon such things, or heal, like in Steven's case. Pearl can summon a spear, Amethyst can summon a whip, and Garnet can summon gloves.

  • Zach Callison - "Steven Universe"
  • Deedee Magmo Hall - "Pearl"
  • Michaela Dietz - "Amethyst"
  • Estelle - "Garnet"
  • Shelby Ann Narito Rabara - "Peridot"
  • Jennifer Paz - "Lapis Lazuli"

We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is about three bears that are practically brothers, being Grizz the Grizzly Bear, and the oldest, making him the oldest brother, and when they stack, he's at the top. then Panda, the phone nerd, a Panda. He's the second youngest / oldest, and when they stack he is in the middle. The last one is Ice Bear, the youngest. He's on the bottom, and sleeps in their fridge, with his trusty axe. He stacks on the bottom, and always starts his sentences off with "Ice Bear". He's a polar bear.

  • Eric Edelstein - "Grizz"
  • Bobby Moynihan - "Panda"
  • Demetri Martin - "Ice Bear"


Survivor is about people surviving on an island like old times, before technology. And they complete challenges to get better food, such as bufets, steak, corn, and much more, while the teams that didn't complete it in time, have to hunt for their own food. There is also hints and secrets to immunity idols, which allows people to be invincible from elimination night, and they just have to play they idol. People without the idol (and the person has to, actually) write names for who they want eliminated, then the person with more votes has to give the torch to the host, and they will extinguish the fire.

  • Started: 1997 (Sweden) 2000 (America)
  • Network: CBS
  • Seasons: 34
  • Episodes: 504

Big Brother

Big Brother returns to the 18th season of the reality competition that is loaded with epic challenges, juicy romances and surprising eliminations. In this combination of a reality series and a game show, the contestants battle it out each week to maintain their places in the house, all in the hope of claiming the $500,000 prize awarded at the end of the summer. Viewers should expect the unexpected as the drama unfolds, including head of household competitions and live eviction episodes.

  • Started: July 4, 2000
  • Network: CBS
  • Seasons: 19
  • Episodes: 40 (Currently)